Sigma Barrier Fabrics for Medical and Industrial Applications

Sigma manufactures a family of barrier fabrics that are repellent to water, oil, and alcohols. Engineered for surgical garments, drapes, face masks, and industrial protective garments, Sigma barrier fabrics are produced using Sigma's patented DryFab NanoFinish technology for maximum performance and comfort.

Superior Liquid Repellency

Keeping liquid out - that is the name of the game. Sigma barrier fabrics are hydrophobic, oleophobic, and capable of keeping out difficult to repel liquids, such as alcohols (100% IPA repellent, for example) and certain chemical.

Maximum Comfort

Sigma barrier fabrics are designed to do their job without sacrificing comfort. Because functional coatings are so thin, there is little impact on fabrics breathability. Sigma barrier fabrics are also available with dual functionality where one side is repellent (hydrophobic and oleophobic) and the other is hydrophilic.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Unlike conventional commercial technologies for producing liquid repellency, Sigma barrier fabrics are produced using DryFab NanoFinish technology - a revolutionary waterless and solventless technology for depositing super-thin, highly functional, coatings on textiles and nonwovens.