In order to meet an increasing need for functionalizing material surfaces, Sigma has developed a series of surface treating and coating equipment, that employs state of the art surface treatment and coating techniques. Working with a customer Sigma demonstrates proof of concept and feasibility of a specific process using in-house pilot equipment.  Upon satisfactory performance, Sigma designs key process components and peripheral equipment necessary to meet a specific product requirement.  The vacuum chambers and non-critical components are designed and fabricated by a major vacuum equipment OEM who works under close Sigma supervision to integrate and install the complete system at the customers facility.    

Turnkey Systems Incorporating a Multitude of Vacuum Treatment and Deposition Technologies

  • Linear Electron Beams
  • High Energy Plasma Reactors
  • Vacuum Deposited Polymers
  • Thermal Evaporation of Metals  
  • Multi-Cathode RF and DC Magnetron Sputtering
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Deposition of Metal Oxides  
  • Applications of Sigma's Turnkey Equipment

  • Metallized Films for Packaging Applications
  • Thin Film Solid State Li Batteries
  • DWDM Filters for Telecomunication Applications
  • Metallized Films For Capacitor Applications
  • Appliques for IR Signature Reduction
  • Multilayer Capacitor Production Equipment
  • Coating and Metallizing of Non Wovens
  • In-line Large Area Sputtering Equipment 
  • Fiber Coating