Radiant Barrier Films and Fabrics

Sigma manufactures a family of materials designed to control the transmission of radiant heat. Applications include building and construction, aerospace, automotive, and other applications where radiant heat control is a requirement.

3100 Series Radiant Barriers for Building and Construction

Installation of Sigma 3100 Series radiant barriers in new and existing buildings is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. Depending on location, and regional climate conditions, installation of a radiant barrier - either in the attic or as part of the roofing system - can save up to 17% on energy bills throughout the year.

PoliFoil Low-E Facer Materials for Multi-Layer Laminates

Sigma also manufactures a series of low-e facer materials, which can be laminated to other material to give low emissivity properties. These laminates are used for a variety of applications including, but are not limited to: reflective insulation, facings for bulk insulation batts, foams, plywood and oriented strand board, and duct insulation.

Breathable Low-E Materials

Most low-e materials are non-breathable in nature and require a physical perforation to gain moisture permeability. Sigma, using its VaporPhase Encapsulation technology, is able to convert most breathable substrates into low-e energy management materials without altering the breathability, or permeability, of the bulk substrate. Applications include: house wrap, radiant barriers, performance apparel, multi-functional membranes, and many more.

Low-E Window Coverings & Other Specialty Applications

Utilizing its unique coating capabilities - Sigma develops and produces specialty low-e materials for window coverings and other applications where reflection and/or controlled emission of radiant heat energy is required.