Breathable, Low-e, Membranes for Performance Apparel

SigMaterials Low-E breathable membranes are designed to keep water out while keeping the wearer warm in cold climates and cool in hot climates.

SigMaterials Microporous, Heat Reflective, Membrane

Like most leading membrane technologies SigMaterials microporous membranes keep liquid water out while maintaining breathability for maximum comfort. What makes SigMaterial membranes truly extraordinary is the ability to trap radiant heat emitted from the body to keep the wearer warm in cold weather climates - and keep the heat out in hotter climate zones.

Cold Weather Climates

Using Sigma VaporPhase technology, SigMaterials deposits a series of super-thin layers that work to reflect radiant heat generated by the body - creating a warm microclimate with unrivaled comfort in cold weather climates. Because the deposited VaporPhase layers are so thin, membrane breathability is not compromised.

Hot Weather Climates

The primary goal in hot weather climates is to keep the heat out. Similar to how SigMaterials membranes for cold weather climates are made, Sigma VaporPhase technology is used to deposits a series of nanolayers designed to reject radiant heat generated by the sun's rays. Maximum breathability, due to the nano-thin VaporPhase heat reflective layers, ensures maximum comfort in the most agressive environments.