Sigma's 3100 Series Radiant Barrier

Sigma's 3100 Series Radiant Barrier products are designed for applications requiring high tear strength and low weight, ideal for attic assemblies.

Radiant Barrier Overview

When a high reflective, low emissive material like Sigma's 3100 Series is facing into an open and vented space like an attic, it is called a radiant barrier.

A radiant barrier works by reflecting 95% of the infrared or radiant heat that strikes it, and by not emitting over 5% of infrared or radiant heat through it. By preventing radiant heat from entering or escaping, a radiant barrier reduces the energy spent on heating and cooling, and can make the home significantly more comfortable year around.

Stronger, Lighter, & More Durable

At a fraction of the thickness and weight, the 3100 Series is over twice as tear resistant as the competition when tested to ASTM D4533. This means it will continue to hold nails and staples under pressure. Up to 50% lighter and thinner than competing radiant barrier products, 3100 Series rolls make storage, transportation and installation worlds easier. What’s more, 3100 Series products do not have to sacrifice any strength or durability to do so.   

Faster, Easier Installation

Sigma’s 3100 Series radiant barrier installs easily, with both light weight and excellent tear resistance that make remodel work a breeze. Never before has a radiant barrier or reflective insulation been so strong while still so thin and light weight. The weight makes it possible to bring up entire rolls at once, and the durability ensures worry-free installation with staples or nails, making 3100 Series radant barrier a key component of any contractor or energy auditor’s portfolio. 

Sigma’s 3100 Series Testing

Every single roll of the 3100 Series radiant barrier is tested for emissivity and reflectivity, and corrosion and aging prior to your shipment. The product comes with high reflective metilazation on both sides and frequent perfortions for breathability, but we can manufacture this product with the metalization on one or both sides, and with or without perforations, depending on your specific needs. This radiant barrier conforms to the following specifications:

• 95% Reflective and 5% Emissive when tested to ASTM C1371

• No Delamination or Bleeding when tested to ASTM C1313

• No Loss of Reflective Surface when tested to ASTM D3310

• No Growth of Fungi or Mildew when tested to ASTM C1338

• 6.9 Perms of Water Vapor Transmission when tested to ASTM E96

• 0 Flame Spread and 10 Smoke when tested to ASTM E84 with ASTM E2599

• 46.8 MD and 27.4 CD Trapezoidal Tear Strength when tested to ASTM D4533