Sigma's 3100 Series Radiant Barrier products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards so we can stand behind the quality of every single roll.


Long-Lasting Performance

Conventional radiant barrier products consist of metal foils or metalized films laminated to a reinforcing scrim, all protected by a thin plastic coating. When exposed to heat, humidity or even gravity, the adhesive holding these layers together can fail, and the products delaminate and fall apart. Their easily-compromised plastic coating is the only protection against oxidation and loss of performance. Oxidation, which is difficult to detect, can significantly reduce material performance, year after year.

Sigma’s VaporPhase encapsulation technology ensures maximum protection for the life of the installation. Since 3100 Series Radiant Barrier is not a multiple-layer laminated product it will never delaminate and fall apart. With Sigma’s proprietary protective coating, the 3100 Series  will not oxidize and degrade over time. We ensure our 3100 Series radiant barrier will maintain its reflectivity and composition over the life of the product.

Made in the USA

Every roll of 3100 Series Radiant Barrier is manufactured and tested in the United States. You’ll know exactly where your product was made, and you’ll have the assurance of complete on-site testing. The 3100 Series purchasers may be eligible for Made in USA rebates, EnergyStar ratings, LEED points, tax credits, and other great green building incentives.

 Quality in Every Roll

Every single run of Sigma’s Series 3100 radiant barrier is subjected to a rigorous battery of on-site and off-site 3rd-party testing, to meet Sigma’s stringent standards for quality.

Sigma radiant barrier products meet ASTM standards and comply with the International Building Code. But Sigma goes the extra mile, testing emissivity before and after accelerated corrosion and oxidation testing, FTIR profiling, mold resistance, tensile tear strength, permeability optimization, and more.

Only Sigma can give you this level of quality assurance and worry-free product service.