irWRAP® Membranes for Building Envelopes

Sigma's irWRAP® Low-E membrane is a breathable, water proof, low emissivity, multi-layer composite material designed to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Keeps Wind, Liquid Water, and Radiant Heat OUT - Lets Moisture Vapor Through

irWRAP® low-E breathable membranes combine a unique set of properties not commonly seen in a house wrap or roofing underlayment. Like most competing products, irWRAP® provides a barrier to liquid water and wind while maintaining permeability to water vapor; however, what sets irWRAP® apart is the ability to reject more than 90% of radiant heat energy - greatly increasing thermal resistance in a wall or roof system. 

irWRAP® Breathable membranes are based on a microporous structure that prevents against bulk water penetration and air infiltration into the building structure. Using Sigma's VaporPhase Nano-encapsultion technology, heat reflective layers are deposited without impeding porosity of the membrane structure. The result is a breathable, waterproof, low-e envelope system unlike any other on the market today.