Low-E Woven Solar Screen Fabrics - Phifer Shearweave Plus

Sigma, together with Phifer, a world leading manufacturer of solar screen fabrics, produces a series of heat reflective, low-e, solar screen materials designed to keep the heat out in the summer while reducing heat loss in cold weather climates.

How is Shearweave Plus Different from Conventional Solar Screen Fabrics?

Conventional solar screens are effective at filtering out visible light - they provide shade. However, these products are not effective in blocking radiant heat energy from the sun. As heat passes through the window, it is absorbed by the fabric and re-emitted into the living space in the form of infrared energy.

Shearweave Plus solar screen fabrics produced by SigMaterials have the same shading properties of conventional solar screens with the additional benefit of being able to reflect heat generated by the sun's rays. Radiant heat reflected off of the Shearweave Plus surface, because it is not absorbed by the fabric, does not re-emit into the living space. The result is significant cost savings in warm weather climates.